Scientific committe

Gideon Arulmani, processor Director, The Promise Foundation, India

Jane Goodman, PhD, Professor Emerita, Counseling, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, USA

Roger Kjærsgård, PhD, Associate Professor
Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science, University College of Southeast Norway, Norway

Anders Lovén, Ass professor,
Malmo University, Faculty of Education and Society, Sweden

Mary McMahon, Honorary Senior Lecturer, The University of Queensland, Australia

Peter Plant, PhD, Professor2, University of South-East Norway, Norway
External Examiner, University of West Scotland, UK

Åsa Sundelin, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Department of Education, Stockholm University, Sweden

Gudbjörg Vílhjálmsdóttir, Professor
University of Iceland, School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Iceland

Raimo Vuorinen, PhD, Project Manager, University of Jyväskylä, Finnish Institute for Educational Research, Finland

Frida Wikstrand, Senior Lecturer, Malmo University, Faculty of Education and Society, Sweden